For We Walk By Faith Not By Sight

II Corinthians 5:7

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Faith Baptist Church

Music Ministry Statement

The songs we sing give words to our beliefs, help us to express our emotions to God, enable us to revisit stories from Scripture, and help to give us a glimpse of God’s future where we will be joined together in worship. Through song we protest individualism by uniting our voices in worship to God who calls us as a unified people to participate in his Mission. Together, we will set the table so that the Holy Spirit can serve.




 Important Reminders


 January 7th -Choir practice @ 5:45pm

21st - Choir practice @ 5:45pm





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Monthly Worship Devotional:

Moments in His Presence

One of my favorite things about our times of worship together is when we feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Getting to see the faces of the people worshipping truly is a special time for me. There are so many lives gathered in that room. Each representing a different story and season of life.


We are all different in so many ways. We have different backgrounds and different journeys. When we gather together as the Church the thing we do have in common is Jesus. We are worshippers worshipping the same God, united by His Name. There is power in that unity and the sight of so many people worshipping Jesus together is so beautiful and something I never want to take for granted. I can’t help but think about the unseen work that is also taking place in those corporate times of worship. I wonder what God is doing in people’s hearts…maybe He’s healing people, breathing on old dreams, bringing new areas of freedom, breaking strongholds, mending broken things. There is no doubt in my mind that in those moments, God is moving in people’s lives. I know for myself there have been many moments in worship that God has clearly spoken to me, encouraged me, and confirmed things in me. And these moments have changed the course of my life and realigned my heart.


There is nothing like being in the presence of Jesus and I believe that our times of worship together are truly precious. I am praying and believing that once again this year God will exceed our expectations as we gather and that He will have His way in the hearts of His people.


Worship Him